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Episode 3: The Warax and...The Shaft


Why did we spell "Ithaca" at the beginning of the episode? Here's why.

Waterloo, NY is the birthplace of Memorial Day.

Andrea is #Reservisting. Here is a picture of Chania, Greece for us all to be jealous of:

The best doughnuts in Upstate New York.

Roger's favorite doughnut: The Dizzy Pig, from Glazed & Confused in Syracuse.

Tariffs on Canada could be disastrous - and Upstate New York's economy will be hurt the most.

Gov Cuomo softens his stance on marijuana legalization.

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act.

Important veterans legislation:

NY Senate Bill 8864 & NY Assembly Bill 5931

NY Senate Bill 7001

NY Assembly Bill 3557

Happy Pride Month! Here are some key dates in military LGBTQIA history.

V-WISE (Veteran Women Inspiring the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) held their annual conference in Pittsburgh!

May jobs reports were solid. Thanks, Obama!

Roger was at #TruCon18 with the Truman National Security Project.

Shout out to:

Here is the tweet that began it all for The Warax:

NY Times piece on Democrat Veterans: Kander, Moulton, Buttigieg. Is it doing us any favors that they don’t mention the non-white guys running and serving?

The Warax and Natasha Podcast! Give it a listen.C. Wade McClusky

Our theme music!

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