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Episode 8: Veterans, the VA, and the Press with Adam Weinstein

Andrea is drinking Ninepin Cider.

Andrea's op ed in the Navy Times.

Roger's op ed in the Post-Standard.

100 Years of Women in the Marine Corps!

Finally resolved: WHERE DOES UPSTATE START? 1) The Cookie Monster Map

2) The Coffee/Bathroom Radius

From Ninth Street Espresso on East 56th Street NYC, drink a large Americano, get in a car, and drive before you have to pee. Approximately 1 hr 10 mins an arc NE that intersects Highland Falls. Or the other side of Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks.This assumes you don’t get stuck in traffic leaving the city, in which case you’ll probably only be in Putnam county when you have to pee. Putnam is not quite upstate. 3) The Fall Foliage Factor

On October 1st, when New York City dwellers say, “let’s take a trip upstate to see the leaves,” Upstate begins where peak foliage hits first: starts in Delaware, Greene, and Columbia counties.

The Great New York State Fair: what veterans should look for

Thursday, 30 August is Armed Forces Day. Free admission to any active duty or veteran with military identification (Military ID Card, form DD-214 or NYS Driver License, Learner Permit or non-driver ID card with a veteran designation). Make sure to attend the Armed Forces Day ceremonies at 11:00 am at the Veterans Memorial. Make sure to see all the Armed Forces participants in our Special Day Parade at 6:00 pm.

Located in front of the Horticulture Building, the Veterans Memorial held its opening at the 1999 Fair and was expanded in 2001. It features an eternal flame, flag poles with bricks of all the wars at its base and stones for each branch of the service with individual bricks placed from the service branches. The 9/11 Memorial honors all those that lost their lives in the September 11th terrorist attacks. Unveiled at the 2002 Fair, the Memorial is located between the two phases of the Veterans Memorial.

The Small Business Fund of the NYS Bar

The 2019 grant cycle for The New York Bar Foundation is now open for applications.

The Business Law Section plans to replenish its fund for nonprofits that give legal support for small business entrepreneurs, and they are particularly interested in reaching out to veterans groups.The fund was established through a gift from the Business Law Section to provide financial support for programs that provide legal advice and assistance to military veterans, minorities and other underserved New York residents seeking to establish their own small business enterprises in the State of New York through the Foundation Grant Program.

The grant application is available at www.tnybf.org/ApplyforGrant.

The Oligarchy that Rules the VA

Our Guest: Adam Weinstein

Adam Weinstein was a senior editor for Task & Purpose. A Navy veteran and career journalist, he worked previously at the Village Voice, The Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, and Gawker, along with a stint doing public affairs for the US coalition in Iraq. Adam also founded and edited Gawker's well-received "Fortress America" national security blog. His recent writing has also appeared in Esquire and GQ. He holds master's degrees from Columbia and Florida State University.

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