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Episode 13: Authenticity, Organizing, & the Mid-Term Elections with Alexander McCoy

Yancey's Fancy Finger Lakes cheese

Roger's grandfather, a vet upstate himself, passed away.

Issues with GI Bill payments.

Cuomo/Molinaro debate.

Kris Goldsmith and Vietnam Veterans of America are looking out for veterans and their families online.

Transgender could be "defined out of existence."


-Pam Campos-Palma and the Common Defense team held an organizing training in New York City.

-New podcast, Unauthorized Absence!

Our Guest: Alexander McCoy

Alex is a Marine Corps veteran. He works or has worked with Beyond the Choir, Common Defense, Vets Against Trump, and has written for a bunch of places including the NY Times, Reuters, Foreign Policy, and Task and Purpose. He is one of the hardest-working veterans helping other veterans find their voice and access their power.

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